B2B cross-border e-commerce

B2B Cross-Border Commerce

In this Brazil of continental dimensions, we were not culturally prepared for export.

like the Europeans from the beginning. The Brazilian industry has invested a lot in the domestic market, but it needs to undo the impression that it is difficult to export and start expanding business to the world. If the product is suitable for the country of destination, it seems much easier. We have the excellent reference of the footwear industry that exports millions of pairs, and with being present in all the countries of the globe. Taking advantage of seasonality, tax and currency incentives is a great solution for growth at this time in the economy. At first, a thorough study of the target markets is necessary. Ideally, prioritize by countries or economic blocs with specific international trade tax legal agreements, which offer more advantages. The expansion project focused on a specific market at the same time, is also more productive due to the details and peculiarities more suitable to be applied in the marketing, logistics, production strategy, etc.

Cross-border B2B e-commerce is the disruption that was missing for Brazilian brands to conquer the world. This digital revolution comes to reduce costs and break down geographic barriers, allowing wholesaling to previously unreachable markets. The expansion strategy preferably begins with business-to-business, as already occurs in the offline market where brands display their products at trade shows and trade shows f