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Instagram and fashion e-commerce

Instagram is the medium that most attracts consumers in the fashion segment in the country. And now brands have a powerful visual marketing tool to drive sales, transforming desire into immediate consumption, just click on the link in the store bio to buy the product in e-commerce. This behavior is in line with the global trend "see now, buy now", because most consumers no longer want to wait to buy a product that is online, even if the image or video of the part is a publication of inbound marketing on the network. .relationship. The current consumer is immediate, so the link or button for actions like "buy now" greatly improves the conversion. Never before has so much content been produced for fashion, and generally with a high investment that needs to have a quick return due to the seasonality of the product. That is why the planning of the commercial and marketing strategy must be aligned with these neuromarketing techniques and stock availability. Losing the opportunity to involve this consumer in e-commerce is losing a large volume of sales. In the United States, for example, the app generates an average of $ 65 (sixty-five dollars) per order, according to a Shopify study.

This movement has been consolidating in the Brazilian market. In an omnichannel vision, we have as an example the action carried out in the last SPFW, which put the pieces of the collection on site and in stores for sale after the Ellus 2nd Floor and Riachuelo shows by Karl Lagerfeld. A reflection of what has been happening around the world at Burberry and other brands that already have the pieces for sale online after the show. Will it be a goodbye to "what list"? Still not clear! This is made easy with high volume fast fashion brands. Luxury products with a high level of sophistication in production make exclusivity and scarcity still their differential, however the scale of production of some lines of the brand may change with the advancement of technology in the distribution process in the channels. Contrary to this, I observe numerous cases that the brand makes available to fashion bloggers and influencers to publish products that they do not have to sell, and it causes an opposite effect of frustration in the consumer and forgetting that piece that could be the must have " From the collection. An efficient strategy optimizes inventory turnover from planning a collection purchase to offering each product, think about it!

Tips and best practices to optimize Instagram results:

Plan the content at least 30 days in advance, curation is essential for the visual communication that fashion requires.

Optimize the result by scheduling the publication for days and times with the highest visualization. Each brand has its profile, just configure the analytics tool and follow up to better understand the target audience. Tests and adjustments to increase performance.

Frequent posts, but without exaggeration. Be good!

Inform the follower about the profile link that leads to the store.

Create hashtags for your brand and promote engagements by encouraging consumers to engage with behind-the-scenes content in your product development, as well as humanize with followers' posts using a look, make videos with style curation. And the main thing, like your posts and reply to all of them. After all, it is a social network!

Product videos increase conversion by up to 87% and hold your attention longer. Instagram increased the time to 60 seconds, so invest in it because the return is safe.

The feed is your showcase, so take care of the images using the resources of the tools that filter and improve them. Get creative and look to good references and global trends for inspiration.

Despite bringing many likes, publications with pets, landscapes, phrases from thinkers, ... they will not make the client associate your brand a few minutes later, because the speed and amount of information in the feed will remind you only of the content that can be post "any brand". This must be well defined in the strategy of a fashion brand. It's good, but if it doesn't link the brand, it doesn't produce results.

Ads also have very expressive sales conversion results when integrated with these call-to-action tools. See in the guide below, how to make an Instagram campaign:

Set up the Facebook business manager

Confirm your Instagram account with Business Manager

Study the advertising guide

Create campaign in Power Editor

Set up the campaign

Develop the ad

Track your advertising activity

Measure the results Measure the results

Learn more about this tool to sell more in e-commerce!

Erica Borges, Founder of THE1 Showroom and THE GOAL


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