Instagram and fashion e-commerce

Instagram is the medium that most attracts consumers in the fashion segment in the country. And now brands have a powerful visual marketing tool to drive sales, transforming desire into immediate consumption, just click on the link in the store bio to buy the product in e-commerce. This behavior is in line with the global trend "see now, buy now", because most consumers no longer want to wait to buy a product that is online, even if the image or video of the part is a publication of inbound marketing on the network. .relationship. The current consumer is immediate, so the link or button for actions like "buy now" greatly improves the conversion. Never before has so much content been produced for fashion, and generally with a high investment that needs to have a quick return due to the seasonality of the product. That is why the planning of the commercial and marketing strategy must be aligned with these neuromarketing techniques and stock availability. Losing the opportunity to involve this consumer in e-commerce is losing a large volume of sales. In the United States, for example, the app generates an average of $ 65 (sixty-five dollars) per order, according to a Shopify study.