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Video in e-commerce increases conversion!

Using video as part of your marketing strategy is very important. Because it offers content attributes that induce more confidence. It is scientifically

proven, which guarantees the quality of the product for the consumer.

The main global fashion e-commerces, integrated videos to their products a few years ago. These are successful cases to be followed, such as Asos, Zappos and Net-a-porter. These examples below show the movement and concept of the look in each product on the site.

It is necessary to incorporate 360 ​​videos and photos in the product, making the experience more complete. The client is thus curated in style, which can generate an increase in conversion of up to 87%. They are clean, simple and engaging images. The average consumer stays 2 minutes longer in the store.

Research reveals the result that the video can bring (German company data source DemoUP)

87% increase in conversion

96% of customers find things useful

25% exchange reduction

58% prefer video stores

50% increase in average price

2 more minutes on the site

It is quite feasible! If a good planning and execution is done for the “photographer and videomaker” in a sequential edition, thus optimizing the time of all professionals involved. It is essential to have a studio with adequate lighting, model, makeup artist and fashion producer. This is the best investment in branding. After all, it is your showcase and image quality that will define whether the customer buys or not.

Videos must contain a text description so that Google search engines can understand the content. The inbound marketing generated by the links makes the website improve its SEO ranking.

The tendency of the image to be more natural and with movement, gradually replacing the static model. Research has shown that the centralized screen, with up to 250 pixels, has a higher visibility rate. However, A / B usability tests should be done permanently to choose layouts that bring more results.

On average, video is shared 12 times more than photos. In the case of these shorts, they are also great for post content on Instagram and Facebook media like “Look do Dia” throughout the collection.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then say it with a picture."

(Millôr Fernandes)

Offer this experience to your customer and sell more!

Erica Borges, Founder of THE1 Showroom and THE GOAL


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