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  • Erica Borges para Ecommerce Brasil

B2B Ecommerce x Sales Representative

The new digital normal raises an old dilemma, which should no longer exist.

By working with digital technology, I study a lot about artificial intelligence. However, in the relationship between B2B Ecommerce and Commercial Representatives, there is a great consensus.

Because after more than 20 years as a commercial manager, at the moment I don't believe in this commercial modality without the human value of a good salesperson. For this reason, humanization through remote communication will continue to keep these professionals working as super salespeople and powerful marketing agents.

Industries, the process of digitizing the wholesale and preparing these professionals for this new reality occurs in parallel. The first thing to think about is people, who are responsible for precious relationships, which in many cases have been built on decades of hard work. Empower your representatives and salespeople by giving them intense training on how to deal with this new remote reality. The digital market offers many communication, management and sales tools that can be easily inserted into this day-to-day work. And above all, pay them fairly.

Representatives, be open to the new normal B2B Ecommerce. You are one of the most important professionals in the industry. In the past, you needed to go to the customer to place orders to replenish stock and offer new products. Now you have a 24/7 sales tool at your fingertips. All of this technology has a high cost of OPEX for the industry, so enter into a consensus of benefits obtained and fair remuneration.

The benefits for Industry and Representatives are many:

  • Virtual store with products being launched and promotions, to access from anywhere.

  • Private access only for pre-approved customers.

  • Parameterization of geographic limit, Delivery time, Prompt Delivery, Scheduled Orders, Minimum purchase, Minimum per SKU, Maximum productive capacity per SKU, among other features.

  • Increase the capillarity of your business, reaching areas previously unattainable.

  • Powerful use of social networks, chats, video conferences to interact and share your catalog. Generating customer loyalty.

  • Safe and easy means of payment.

  • Greater agility and efficiency in service, in real time.

  • Use of BI tools, to recover inactive customers, as well as to build relationship rules based on data and intelligence.

  • Reports in real time, generating greater control of the processes.

  • Decrease travel costs, fairs and trade shows that require high investment.

The world is changing rapidly, and we live a strong sense of collaborative economics.

That represents awareness in the face of social problems such as the one we are experiencing now, and the new way of working cooperating with each other. And technology brings down costs as a whole, encourages the creation of partnerships, and generates experiences that encourage loyalty and long-term relationships.

“A true businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. Once he understands this, the sky is the limit ”

Jack Ma, Founder and President of Alibaba Group

Erica Borges, Founder of THE1 Showroom and THE GOAL


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