Super sellers from the omnichannel universe

Remote selling today is about making a difference in the omnichannel universe. Every day you have the opportunity to connect and engage with people. Your actions can impact your lives for the better. You can help a customer to solve a specific challenge or a problem with humanization in the service, you can become the hero.

Now stop to reflect. How many salespeople in your offline business are idle and anxious for your initiative to involve them in the digital operation and increase revenue for the benefit of all. Become omnichannel. Be quick and empower them!

And if you have your own e-commerce or manage a remote sales team, you can be the leader of these heroes. As this leader, you will be called upon to create your team composition and motivate them, while staying up to date on how to connect and engage your customers. Don't let that pressure worry you. With a few simple tips and guidelines, you'll